This year’s project

More than five years ago on November 3, 2007, I wrote:
The Greeks had a word or two for it
Some of you may have read my ramblings about purposive drift that you can access through the sidebar. A few more of you may have read my manifesto, “Purposive Drift: making it up as we go along”, published on Changethis. But there is still a lot more I need to explore.
I touched on one aspect of this in something I posted in February, “Cultivating Kairos”. Kairos is a Greek word for “the right time” or “the appropriate time” — a qualitative sense of time as opposed to the more mechanical, relentless clock time, Kronos.
I discovered another Greek word Metis – “cunning intelligence”, the quality displayed by Ulysses – the other day. And again, like my discovery of Kairos, I have a strong sense that this concept is also going to be important in developing the ideas around purposive drift.
Curious, isn’t that that the ideas people were using a couple of thousand years ago seem so relevant to the world we face today.”
Squeezing this entry in today, the last day in January, is a marker to show myself why I must explain the how the importance of the concept of metis has grown in my thinking over the past five or so years , despite there being almost evidence of this in entries in this blog. Tomorrow, I hope to write more…..