Contextual Intelligence

I’ve just spent a slightly frustrating couple of hours meandering around the web looking for stuff on “Contextual Intelligence”. I was alerted to the term by a posting on Creative Generalist linking to a piece in the current Fast Company. This was using the term in relation to business leaders.
But, the hints I found elsewhere that got me really intrigued related to the theories of Robert J. Sternberg. From what I could pick up from the snippets around the web his notion of Contextual Intelligence is very close to some of my ideas about Purposive Drift.
The three components of Contextual Intelligence, which would seem to apply as much to organisations as they do to individuals are:
I The ability to adapt to a context you are in by changing something in yourself.
2 The abilty to change the context you are in to create a better fit between you and your context
3 The ability to recognise when it is time to move out of one context into another more rewarding one.
All this sounds very purposive drifty to me, so if anyone can point me to where I can somewhere where this idea has been more fully developed I would be very grateful.

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  1. The term makes more sense if reversed, intelligent context. In my book, I assert that all things are contextual and that contextual reasoning involves the difference and similiarities between opposites.

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