Just when we need him

Regular readers will know that I rate Simon Caulkin very highly, so you can imagine my distress when I read the opening to his piece this morning:
“The bankers have claimed another victim – this column. Cost-cutting as a result of the worst media recession in a lifetime means that Observer Management will disappear next week.”
He concludes:
“As the 2009 Reith lecturer Michael Sandel noted last week, norms matter, because they so easily become self-fulfilling. It shouldn’t need saying in the middle of the biggest management meltdown in history, when the stakes are at their highest, that the debate about the norms that should govern a post-financial form of management must go on, even if not here. For my part, what I’ve learned from an amazingly rewarding 16 years will find its way into a book that, in honour of readers who are the joint creators, I had always thought of as The Observer’s book of management – although regrettably, and not of my doing, now without the capital “O”.”
Need I say more?