Something very close to grace

“…The ability to pay attention, to focus, to concentrate, to resist distractions, is as essential to the design process as it is to successful life generally. It is the quality of attention that distinguishes design detail, that enables an architect to design a building that belongs where it is. For attention to detail does not mean fussiness, but an appropriate locating of energies.
In the end, it is something very close to grace.”
Ralph Caplan “Cracking the whip: essays on design and its side effects”

2 thoughts on “Something very close to grace”

  1. Ricardo what a brilliant, fantastic, erudite, thoughtful, thought-provoking, provocative, delightful and mind-bogglingly attentive body of work. I hadn’t visited Purposive Drift for ages, and its really developed into a treasure trove. Congratulations!

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