Stuck in the Sargasso Sea

I love a good metaphor. Right now being stuck in the Sargasso Sea seems like a pretty accurate metaphor for where I am now. I suspect that many other people are there too. Take a look at these descriptions here, here and here and see if you agree.

Time out

Some of you may have noticed an absence of posts here over the past few weeks. The more perceptive among you might have linked this to the smattering of posts about my decision to stop smoking. You would be correct. As I wrote in early April:
“The curious thing is that the not smoking bit has been easy. I just haven’t. What has been more surprising to me is how hard it is to function effectively without smoking. So here I am adrift in a smoke-free zone, lost in a space I don’t understand and don’t much like. Let’s hope normal service will be returned soon.”
To which Brian Hayes wryly commented:
“Not to be one bit discouraging, it can also be said that a return to normal will not occur, will never occur and cannot occur; not once the trickery of a relentless brain merely wants a smoke. Methinks I had no idea how brilliant and stubborn a little pink flesh could ever be….”
Sadly, so far he has proved to be right