Staring at a blank screen

So here I am staring at a screen that is as blank as my mind. Curiously, this is something of an advance. For some months now I have barely written anything at all apart from the odd twitter and facebook status. My explanation for this, in so far as I have an explanation, is that I do not know where I am and therefore have nothing to write about. This, of course, is a nonsense. I know quite well that I spend much of my time in our new flat a short walk down from our old home on the top of Crouch Hill. So, in a purely geographic sense, I know quite well where I am located. It is in an existential sense, this sense of location dissolves. I haven’t a clue where I am. At times I fear that my destiny is to be a charming invalid stumbling through each day. At other times I have faith that I will become fitter and be able to make a more positive contribution. But a contribution to what? Staring at this once blank screen that is the question that confronts me and to which, at this moment I have no answer. There are some words here now that didn’t exist before and, maybe, give some clues to what the next step should be. So for now this act of putting down some words and transferring them to my blog represents some first tentative steps towards putting some purpose back into my drift. Where it will go I do not know, but at least it is some positive movement.