As We Might Learn

I wrote this for my friend Nick Routledge, who I met on the internet, when he asked me to write something for his World3 website back in the early days of the web – late 1995 to be more exact. For a while it attracted quite a lot of attention. Sadly, World3, moved around quite a lot each time changing its url, a number of links to the piece from other sites got broken and then finally it disappeared for a while. Fortunately, Nick’s friend Jon Van Oast rescued it a while back and little bit of internet history is now preserved on his site. Although in internet years its now quite old, I still think there are some interesting ideas in here and some of the things I suggest I’d still like to see.
Update 15 October 2009 Sadly Jon Van Oast’s site is down so I am now linking to Wayback Machine:
“As We Might Learn”